Dedicated Line ....... my system SUCKS

Hey there , actually my system sucks current. I have a pair of Cary CAD 500 monoblocks, Maggie 3.6 speakers with a Aesthetix preamp. I have had issues with amps shutting down . I am going to create a dedicated circuit for the above mentioned gear . I can do a couple of adjacent locations. Currently have a 15 amp line for the entire room . I am looking to those of you who have incite . what did you do to obtain the maximum amperage from the breaker box to the wall outlet ? did you notice a improvement ? this dedicated line of 10 gauge wire is only 12 feet to the outlet. It seems as if a 20 amp receptacle is the highest rating for a duplex outlet - I was going to install a 30 amp breaker but not sure if I would realize its potential. In closing , a note for those wondering , the amps were checked out by the manufacturer and are fine. the speakers are on 25 foot runs of Kimber 8tc. thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice. PS - I have been known to crank up the volume
when i bought my house i had a dedicated line run straight from the breaker works like a charm and provides all the clean juice my manley monoblocks crave...
I'm guessing this is the thread.[]
I have the same amps and had 20 foot speaker runs. The amps were heating up (Oscillating) and close to shutting down. I found that the resistance/inductance of the long speaker cables I was using was the problem. Once I changed the cable, and the length, everything was kool.