Dedicated line question

I asked this question within another thread about the subject of dedicated power lines, but received no response.

I have what is essentially a dedicated line, seeing that the only other things this line serves are an overhead foyer light (incandescent) and two outlets in the garage that are seldom used for anything. Can I somehow get this particular line it's own dedicated ground with a minimum of fuss? What benefit would I receive from installing multiple lines for various components?

I am using ACME cryro outlets, which provided a major upgrade. Where can I go next to optimize my power? I do not use a line conditioner, but have high quality power cords.
A dedicated line, in my system, means a separate circuit breaker and run of Romax (or other cable) to a single duplex wall plug (grounded to the service ground or with it's own ground) with no other junctions. Just having one or more additional plugs or lights disqualifies it from being a dedicated circuit. There can't be any splices.
You really should check out this thread for your info and the results.

And depending on your equipment, as you will see in that thread, the results can be outstanding.

you do not have a dedicated circuit per Dill's explanation above.
the benefit of separate circuits for different components or different subsections (digital, video, analog, hi-power) is the isolation of them from each other, which helps prevent the radiated noise coming out of a given component (especially digital) from contaminating the others.
Similar or even better isolation effects can be achieved via a line conditioner with separate filtered outlets for each load. Upgrade cords accompanied by line conditioning & a dedicated circuit really add up to an optimum result in my experience. Oh yes, plus the definitive Wattgate 381 AC outlet.