Denon | 110th Anniversary | Silver-Graphite Headshell and DL103

I want this beautiful headshell with adjustable overhang
... but without DL-103 cartridge :)

I think it can be used with better DL-103D instead. In this video they call it "silver-graphite headshell".

Anyway, this is special 110th Anniversary edition, available on Denon website.

More videos to show product nicely here in english.
... and here in german.

I know we have a lot of Denon fans here on audiogon, what do you think?

I wish they could offer headshell separately in the near future.

lewm, it's time to pull that old DL-103D out of storage and send it out for a rebuild. It's to nice of a generator to have sitting unused.
What cantilever and stylus profile would you recommend, in keeping with JCarr advice not to deviate too far from original moving mass? I’ll have to see if I can even find the cantilever-less body. Last time I had it in hand I seriously considered tossing it.

Not sure where you see that the overhang is adjustable with this headshell.  It is set at 50mm.  There is no adjustment for both overhang and azimuth that I can find.  I have the anniversary unit and it does sound great.