DeVore Super 8s with SS amp?

Has anyone heard this combination? I have a c-j CA200 SS integrated and a Cary 303/300 cd player. I prefer a musical or slightly warm sound. I'm not looking for the most detail or sharpest images. I cannot tolerate harshness at all. Thanks in advance.
your cj amp should be fine with the devore. i would consider the harbeth monitor 30 or spendor 1/2 as well.
You will find no harshness with the Super 8's and I do own them. Extremely musical speaker. I have not found the Harbeth worth the hype, but just my opinion.
I used the Super 8's with an Edge Integrated with great results. I lived with the Supers for sometime and found I had to spend a lot more to get much better (which I eventually did), otherwise I would still have them.

Given your stated preferences, I think you will really enjoy them.

I have the same tastes as you and
that is why I fell in love with the
DeVore super 8's. I have been in this
hobby for many years and I have never
experienced a speaker this musical and

I initially heard them with the Naim
supernait and cdx2. This is a very
musically involving combo. I have
a Cary 300b sei integrated this also
very nice. So, there are a lot of
possibilities with these speakers.

These combos all have a nice sense of
weight. I am not sure about the C J.
I heard some cj ss stuff a long time
ago and it seemed to lack sufficient
weight. However, the DeVores are effecient
so I think it would be a nice match.