Differences between Accuphase C-2820 and C-3800?

Hi there, I'm mulling over the purchase of the C-2820 but have not totally written off the flagship C-3800. Does anyone know how they differ sonically?

Thanks in advance.
Nvp: Ok, thanks for your answer. He doesn't have the units for demo. Everything is special order in this instance. The dealer is 4 hours from here in Las Vegas. He's in California. There is no Accuphase dealer here. The only way to audition Accuphase is at CES, which I have done in the past 4 years. Ok, that's a good point about the amp. I'll take that into consideration. Also, I have a couple of questiona, do you know if the A-65 will be replaced any time soon? I noticed that the A-65 has been around for a while...And will the A-65 be powerful enough to drive my JBLs? The JBLs are 94 db sensitivity and 6 Ohms impedance.
Here's a link to one Japanese Grand Prix Awards for cabling to use as guideline :


I'm currently using the AIM NA3-R or AQ Diamond RJ/E, both to very good effect albeit
slightly different presentations.

Another well reputed one is the Acoustic Revive LAN which should be better distributed
and cheaper too (around $250 for 1m piece). The AIM, AFAIK, is now only being sold
to/within Japan.

Just a short post to let you guys know that I have replaced the C-2810 pre-amp with the C-3800 pre-amp. I'll elaborate on the differences once the C-3800 is fully burned in.
Cool, sounds good. Congrats on the new preamp. And from reading my posts here, I'm glad I waited for the A-70 to come out! I'm still waiting to see what will replace the C-27.
I have 2 x A45 which gives two bridged mono 300W.

The A45 has a Damping Factor 200 while the new A46 has a damping of 500!

This difference is remarkable and change much of how that sound is controlled. The higher the damping, the higher the sound is clear, crips. This increases the 3D. Conversely, the sound is more dry, less vibrato, harmonics and warmth seems a little less emphasized ...

In this sense, in the past, the Krell have damping factor of 50, Bryston 500 and crown microphone 5000 ...

When I put my amps in mono I lost damping factor and this is clearly heard ...
For my taste I prefer the damping around 200, this approach really musical instruments played by my son ... (guitar, drum, etc.)

I think 500 is too high and is more up to the job of mixing where it is important to place the instrument in space, to be surgical what ;-)

Last on the amps ... We never have enough power! At 300W class A mono ... even if I have hp strong effective is incomparable, heavy metal and large choir of Carl Orff never are unstable or short of breath ...

Accuphase make silver cables and the difference (regardless supplier) is important ... For my part I have SCSI 2 VDH connected to JBL studio monitor 4343 (93dB / w) refurbish.

For the preamp. I bought the 2820 because I did not have a phono section apart instead ... too much cable etc ... But I can say that I have an AC 500 and AC PS 1200 and PS WOOW difference. ..

I have no doubt that the PS300 is higher, but for me the monetary bar is too high. If you have the money: let do it !! :-))

I conclude by saying that the room is 50% of the final sound so I totally agree with the comment on the addition of a parametric equalizer. Although it can not eliminate modal node of a room, and a modal cancellation can be corrected. Also, positioning, and treatment are essential ... just to double the bet or rather not to lose half your pleasure ...

My 2 cents.