Direct shipper recommendation

Hello Everyone,


I recently purchased some very expensive speakers here on Audiogon that need to be transported cross country. Does anyone have experience and can recommend a shipper for 100K plus speakers? I think direct shipper would be best. Any thoughts?




When I bought a pair of JBL 590s, they came strapped to a pallet.   The carrier was Estes trucking.  Check them out.  Whoever you end up with, make sure you tell them dock to residential delivery.  That way they'll quote you and show up at your house with a truck that has a lift gate.  If you need inside delivery, let them know at the time of setting up the pick up.  I know some of this seems pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't give the trucking companies enough details to make the delivery go smoothly.    Good luck, man!

What you really need is to rent pick-up truck or van; grab a couple of helpers and get it done.