DIY Record Cleaner Project - Need ideas

Since I'm taking a "vacation" for a few months I thought I'd try to build a record cleaner. I've been looking at the popular VPI models and a few of the others, and I'd like to go in a different direction. I'd like to do a machine that holds the record vertical and actually submerges the record in the solution - not including the label of course. It seems like it would be easy enough to use two padded washers on a long bolt to hold the record and act as a spindle without damaging the label. With commercially available fluids that should work well and clean both sides of the record at once, and with a dual bath using distilled water, rinse them as well.

In this kind of a set up, what kind of brush would be appropriate to 'scrub' the records? I obviously don't want to scratch them.

Also, short of hauling a shop-vac into the kitchen (really bad WAF) how would I go about drying them?

Grimace: Look around the internet , do a google or two, lots of excellent DIY plans out in Web Land. A old green machine with a mod of the vaccum head and a slot to adjust the vaccum suction power can work. These can be had complete for $25ish US on Ebay.
Grimace : Just in case your interested, Bissell formerly made a product , a green boxey vaccum "the Little Green Clean Machine , # 1653 , 1653-1, 1653-2 or 1653-3". The product is a huge chunk of what is needed for a RCM ; cleaning head, long flexing hose, powerful motor and collection tank including a foam/dirt filter. The whole affair is self contained and powerful. The cleaning head's slot needs to be covered with disc doctor's self-adhesive velvet strips and away you go. Of course you can build an enclosure and include a spining platter, but the hard work was done by the folks at Bissell. You could even drill a hole in the cleaning heads wand to vary the suction power. Thumb on for more ,thumb off for less. Go to Ebay to Check out the unit (1653) and the current pricing. Bissell has replaced the 1653 with another unit that I have no experience with. The boxey machine I know, the other ... Oh well go experiment. Happy Hunting
Gentlemen. Just a bit off-topic here. I've been searching for a DIY clone of the VPI 16.5. The basics of the unit don't appear to be at all complex- a motor and a vacuum and some specialty parts that are readily available. Has anyone heard of such a project?