Do I need 10 gauge power cord if I have 10 gauge from panel?

I just installed some dedicated circuits with 10 gauge electrical wire. But now I have to consider replacing my amp power cords because they are 14 gauge or higher.

Is this really necessary and any recommendations on quality 10 gauge power cords that I should buy?



What speakers are you driving with the commercial series Crown amps? As per their own recommendations, they were designed to be used in music halls and live performance studios, not for a homes living room. Also these were supplied with a 30A plug on a 10AWG  cable, to meet the commercial requirements of that amp.

This whole thing isn't making sense to me.

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This really didn't seem to be a difficult question but I guess it is.


I was just curious if the last few feet make that much of a difference if you use a larger gauge Power cord when using a 10 gauge wire from the panel to the outlet. The bulk of the muscle effort comes off the panel to the outlet I would guess and maybe to extend a 10 gauge to the amplifier is very important.

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It's not about having enough power for the speakers. It's about improving on the sonic benefit of a higher gauge Power cord. Mackintosh is a bit narrow viewed on this issue. Very perplexing