Do I really need a separate Roon Core (computer) to use Roon Software?

The way I understand it, there are basically 4 devices required to use Roon software to play digital music files (whether from local file storage or streaming). 1. The Roon Core on which the software is installed. 2. A streamer, which takes the datastream from the core (via Ethernet) and provides a high quality input to the DAC. 3. The DAC. 4. And finally an optional controller such as a smartphone or tablet. Seems like a lot of hardware. 
Many people rave about Roon being so fantastic, but is it really worth adding another piece of hardware, power supply, power cord, interconnect, and ongoing maintenance of that hardware?

Currently, I have a LUMIN D1, which is a streamer DAC combo, and I like it. But I’m wondering what Roon would bring to the party.

So my second question is: Is there any hardware that includes the “Core” within the streaming device instead of requiring a separate piece? I found the ELAC Discovery DS-S101-G, but it does not include MQA nor Qobuz, and seems to be obsolete already. I’m kind of old school, and prefer the one box solution for sources. I’m not interested in hooking up a computer to my rig either.  Thanks in advance for any wisdom or advice!
And in my experience Wifi is a real problem with hifi audio and Roon in particular. Drop outs, buffer under-runs, and poor sound ensue.  Run A WIRE
You should be able to go into your router to find the least congested channels and choose one. 
I run Roon on my Innuos streamer. Tidal run through Roon. Output to DAC and onwards to integrated ampl. IPhone as remote controller. Works perfect. 
Having re-read your question, you can get by at minimum with a) Roon on an old PC/Mac/Linux, b) a USB DAC and c) a remote, which can be your phone.  Actually you don't *need* a remote, you can control it locally - but you want one :-)
The remote can be cheap since it is either your phone, or better yet a cheap tablet. Androids have some oddness with Roon that support cant fix, but overall my dirt-cheap Fire tab works fine.
When you think of the cost of most streamers, a Roon core (headless MAC MINI, INTEL NUC, etc. is not that much.  I do advise two SSDs.
I see others comments on Wifi, and yes, in theory it ought to work, and yes, getting a clear channel is a great idea, but i did those things and still find a 1G cat6 connection vastly superior, and even when working "right" subtly better sounding (on a very resolving system).
For pure sound itunes (free) & bitperfect ($10) and a local galvanically isolated connection are just as good.


I use Mac Mini 2018 to run the Roon Core. Wireless. Mac Mini to DAC via usb. Control with my iPhone or iPad. No complaints.