Do Rotel RB 1080 and Matrix 802 match each other?

I have Matrix 802, Rotel rsx 1065 and rotel rcd 1072. I have been quite happy with rsx 1065 in both stereo and thx mode, but lately thinking about adding some more power to the stereo mode. Do you think RB 1080 is a good match for Matrix 802? Also, would adding additional 100 watt to front channel speaker only create imbalance with center and rear channel speakers? I would appreciate your thought.
I have Matrix 801 S3 and run a Rotel 1090 with them and like the combination well enough. I also use a tube preamp (Melos Sha Gold) so there are tubes in the circuit, but still, I'd never call the Rotel and B&W a bad match. Go for it.
I heard in a showroom this combination. Surprisingly good the two together. Nonetheless, than we tried a Chord pre-power combination. That is better. But, compared to price differences, the Rotel is one of the best affordable solution to BW 802.