Does AC cable improve plasma picture quality??

I just buy a Pioneer 50" Plasma schreen and a Sony n9000se DVD player.

Now the Question is has anybody have exprience with improving picture and image while using a better quality AC cable for schreen, player or both?? (example: HT AC 11 cable)

let me now


Yes there have been several reports regarding enhanced video quality when using upgrade AC cords. Try using the forum search engine to locate specific posts, there were some of my older threads which did involve questions from other members regarding this topic; some reported back their results as I recall. I haven't done it myself; just answered their technical questions.
In addition to the better power cable,power conditioners help also; (in my case)--I use both .
I use ZCable Lightning from with greatest success on my Fujitsu 4221. Best improvment on plasma, out of all power cords I've tried. Also works greate on DVD players and CD transports. RGPC 400 also semmed to bing improvment to picture quality.

My suggestion is to use a high quality power cord, Canare component video cord(RGB) and a good line conditiner for your DVD/SACD and Plasma display. Audition some of this power cord and line conditiner for this will improve the color and the quality of the picture. For the component video cables go for Canare. This will take care of your video signal. This Canare are the cables that the Pioneers, Fujitsu,Sony,Panasonics,NEC and Plasmaco are using in every show, demontrating their Plasma Display TV. If you happen to go to SID (Society of information Display) show, where all the plasma manufacturers convene.... you will see all Canare cables behind the Demo units. Beware of this camouflage component video cables. Thanks