Does such a speaker exist?

Full range, with healthy output to the low 30's. Spacious and detailed but not bright. Does not suffer from dynamic compression. Grain free. Glorious midrange, but not at the expense of a taut but extended bass and a sweet treble.

And no more than $10,000

Heard plenty of stuff with great and sweet treble, but lackluster bass.

Or speakers that were all midrange, of bass monsters.

Looking for the complete package without selling the farm
Zavato --

If you can find them 2nd hand: S.P. Technology/Aether Audio's Revelation or Continuum. I'd say these speakers have the whole package; coherency, dynamics, musicality in spades, very open-sounding, capable of high SPL without strain, and bass extension with both models in the 20's.

Very importantly they also exhibit a convincing authenticity of tonality that lends body, texture and a tightly woven "core" to voices and instruments, a trait all too rare with even very expensive speakers.

This speaker brand is one of the hidden gems of high quality audio reproduction, but sadly they're out of production - at least, as is.
I agree with Phusis - SP Tech (Aether) speakers are great. I have a pair of Timepiece 3.0
Keep an eye out for a set of Meadowlark Blue Heron 2's, should be about five or six grand, maybe less. These went up against an array of the $20K to $25k highly regarded speakers like Talon, Eggleston, B&W 800S, etc.

I like a double bass woofer setup, they typically have a tighter bass than a single larger woofer.

Meadowlark used high quality components found in speakers costing well over twice the price. They are wonderful vocal and instrumental speakers, but can slam the rock when that's what you want.
"11-01-15: P59teitel
"They do most everything right, but are just boring to listen to."

I've had a pair for almost four years and they've never bored me."

I didn't say not to buy them, I just said to listen first. Revel sells a lot of speakers so it would appear that many people do like the way they sound.
For $12,000 and in your choice of veneer, you can have Seas' best drivers and 4 eight inch woofers, each driven by a 300 watt Rythmik amp. Play much lower than 35 hz! I own them and they are the real deal - Salk Exotica 3's.

Exotica 3
Design 3-way with servo-controlled, self-powered woofer section
Drivers (1) Seas EXotic T35 tweeter, (1) Seas Exotic W8 midrange, (2) 8" long-throw woofers (self-powered, servo-controlled
Response ~20Hz - 20KHz (+/- 3db)
(dB/2.83v/1M) 92db
Impedance 8 ohms nominal

Recommended Amplification 10+ tube watts
50+ solid state watts
Box Alignment Sealed midrange,
sealed woofer section
Weight 133 pounds each
(not including spikes)
(HWD) 43.5" H x 10.5" W x 16" D
(not including spikes)