Does the Mark Levinson 331 suck?

I bought this amp on it's name and reputation alone and I do not like what I am hearing. I don't know if it's a system matching problem (I don't think it is) or what. I sold a Marsh a400 for this and the Marsh smokes it everyway. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Someone please help me!
I have a Mark Levinson 27, a 100wpc Levinson amp design just before the 300-series, which I love. I bought a Mark Levinson 333 (which is the same circuit design as the 331, but 300wpc), thinking newer and more powerful would be better. I didn't like it at all -- cold, clinical, sterile. I went back to the 27, a real sweet sounding, musical, tube-like amp, and sold the 333.
I still have the 27, but I've gone over to tubes and am thinking about selling the 27, though it's hard to part with because it is such a terrific sounding solid state amp.
I had the 383 2 years ago and sold it 3 months later. Mine was suck for my ears. (sorry ML owner,maybe just mine)
My Mark Levinson 331 is musical and live like. Do you mind providing your system configuration so fellow Audiogoners can better help you? Plainly concluding that a Marsh A400S "smokes it every way" may solicit unfriendly comments from fellow Audiogoners rather than genuine efforts to assist. Please also list you sound preference as compared to live music and the kind of music you listen to. The Marsh A400S is an amp that received great reviews, but it is one that I do NOT have any experience with. I would not compare the 331 and the Marsh, but I can try to help look at any potential issues with the 331 as related to your system config.

What do you dislike about the sound of the ML 331? The 331 is neutral and on the subtractive side of the reproduction. If you are looking for more warmth and sweetness than live music, you may consider pairing the ML with a tube preamp.

Do you keep the ML 331 in standby mode when not in use or do you disconnect power to it after each use? The 331 needs to have power run through it to maintain its standby mode.

For your reference, the ML 331 works well in my system that consists of:

Arcam CD23T CD player
Transparent MusicLink Super XL interconnect (CD to preamp)
Krell KRC-3 preamp
Transparent Balanced MusicLink Super interconnect (preamp to 331)
Mark Levinson 331 power amp (1998 vintage)
Transparent MusicWave Super XL speaker cable (331 to speakers)
Wilson Watt 3 Puppy 2 speakers
Virtual Dynamics Power 3 power cable on 331
Transparent PowerLink Plus power cable on preamp
Cardas Quadlink 5C power cable on CD player
Tip toes under all electronics

All components in my system lean on the neutral, non additive side of the sound.

Let's keep chatting. Maybe we can help you like your 331!
Levinson amps are nuetral. They reflect the source and wiring. Another factor amps like the Levinson, Krell, Halcro and many others, with large crurrent capacity, don't start sounding their best unless provided with a seperate 20 to 30 amp circuit just for themselves. I've not had experience with the Marsh so can't comment. Auaarons is correct: without knowing your system configuration none of us can really help you get better sound or figure out what's going on.