Downsizing from Ayre MX-R monoblocks

I am looking to downsize from my previous amps, the wonderful Ayre MX-R monoblocks to an integrated amp. I want something that has the same quality and sound as the Ayre. I know the Ax-7e is an option but to be totally honest, I am not too keen on its looks. In terms of price, I would like to stay at $5K or less used. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
How about a set of Vandersteen 5A Carbons with your Ayre MXRs
it may sound so good that the level of performance
you reach may make you feel like you invested right all along.
Best Johnnyr
Unless you're in a pinch or desperate situation, I'd keep the amps, they're making a great synergy in your setup.
I didn't have those but had the V-1xe which I sold almost 4 yrs. ago. I've been on quite the merry-go-round since then trying to find something that I could be happy with.

I sold off that entire system to downsize but there really is no replacement for big power.

I currently have a Primare integrated after going through no less than 7 amps, 6 preamps, 4 sources & 3 sets of spkrs.

BTW, I've heard at least 10 sets of Ushers (both at shows & in homes, including my home audition) and have never been able to enjoy them.

One last thing. After I sold the V-1xe, which was the first piece I sold from my previous system, I bought another V-3, since I'd had one many yrs. before & it sounded good. Well, I hooked it to my VR's & just started laughing! It didn't even come close to the big amp. I simply unplugged it & sold it.

Happy hunting!
I think ( Driver ) pretty much said what I was thinking . There is no easy way out of owning a big rig , if there was we would all own smaller systems . I have heard few amps at any price that would be as good as Ayres MXRs or KXR . But good luck , and let us know how you make out .
What speakers are you driving, and what is it about the sound of the Ayre are you most looking to retain? Have you ruled out tubes (for example ARC) or class D, or class A for that matter? My personal suspicion is that you're not going to duplicate the sound of the big Ayres especially in a different brand, but you might find happiness in a completely different direction.