Dunlavy SCIV 10

Hi all,

This is my first thread,please bear with me.

I have to replace the woofers for my Dunlavy SCIV, it is a Morel 10" woofer, model name is not written on the drivers, but "Double Magnet 75mm Hexatech Aluminium Voice Coil - Made in England" is written on the magnet. I have looked around and could not find the same driver.

Anybody can help me out on what to do?

Rush 1, be very careful about "identical" Morels. The point Mothra was making was that even finding Morels of the same model number may not mean a match. A blessing and a curse of Dunlavy's designs (Duntech and DAL) was the matching of drivers and tuning of crossovers with those drivers.

Depending on why you need to replace your Morels, it may be best to have them repaired if that's possible. For example, if the surrounds have failed, they can be replaced. But another caution there -- new surrounds must be the same density/weight as the originals if they are to be a sonic match. One who can do it correctly would be Miller Sound.


Good luck
@ Mcfarland; I will try to reach Audio Video Logic I hope John has an email so I can contact him. If I am not mistaken, that might be the store that I bought it from in the 90's. Since that time I was living in St.Louis, and I remembered I had to drive quite a bit to get to the store, if my memory serves me corectly.
Thank you for your input mate.

@Pryso;Wow... didn't realized that such measurement took place for the Dunlavy... even for individual speaker.

Actually the original surround was badly torn apart, as I had a long lapse of "audio". Then I had the foam replaced, however it is a different foam since the repair shop didn't have the original replacement foam.

I will try to contact Miller Sound, hoping can get the replacement surround.

Thank you Pryso

Hi Twilo,

Well mine is a Morel, I wish I can submit a picture of it mate. I've never alter nor open the drivers since I bought it new in 1994.

Rush1, are your speakers SC-IV rather than SC-IVa? That might account for the confusion regarding the Morel woofers. I'm not as familiar with the DAL as the Duntech models but I believe Dunlavy made some major changes with the IVa which could have included driver source.

That dealer in Iowa would likely know, unless the poor guy is too busy bailing out the water. 8^(