Dynaudio burn in time and how you do it...

Hi Folks,
I just bought a pair of dealer demo (10 hours on them at most...) Excite X 16 Dynaudio speakers, and am wondering how long Dyn's take to burn in, and how you've done it. I have the Ayre/Cardas burn in CD and don't understand which track is good for speaker burn in. Have any of you used it? Or how do you burn your speakers in? Will there be big differences in the Dynaudio's after burning in? Thanks for any input...Brian.
I own a pair of Dynaudio Focus speakers. They took 200-300 hours to sound their best. Two audible effects of break in: (1) smoother treble; (2) greater coherence between the two drivers.
Face the speaker toward each other and change the polarity on just one speaker and the drivers will work with each other and break in faster. It also helps cancel each other out to lower the sound wave. Put them face to face (about one inch apart). Thats how I break in all my speakers. Hope this helps.