Electronics for Harbeth, Especially Monitor 40 series

Has anyone tried matching "fast" solid-state to the big Harbeths. Something like Goldmund, Soulution, Spectral, etc. The speakers have great tone but can be a little stodgy. I was wondering if this would open them up a bit. Also, has anyone tried using an LDR passive such as Tortuga or Lightspeed for the same reason
Recently, Will Vincent built for me a set of "Super Baldwin" mono amps based on the 6l6 output tube. 25 to 30W per channel based on output tubes used. I use these amps into the new Falcon acoustics LS/3/5A BBC monitors. Similar, I believe to the P3sr speaker by Harbeth. Incredible match-in the near field. I do what red wine does when listening, felt with a 2-way. Point-check out Will Vincent tube amps-incredible build quality, sound quality, reliability, plus-no SS amp will ever sound as satisfying as a tube amp.
I heard the 40.1's powered by LFD NSCE Mark II and it sounded great. I then bought it from that guy and now it is used to power 30.1's. Without that amp, I would have sold my Harbeth's.

I have it powered my Harbeth 40.2(40th Anniversary Edition with Ton Trager stands)) with a VAC Sigma 160i SE(85W/ch and Brimar and Tung Sol NOS input tubes and Golden Lion power tubes) along with a REL sub(T7i) for the super low end and I love it. I have tried the Pass labs Integrated 30A and the Hegel 390 with it and I found the dynamics was unimpressive at lower/mid volumes.  I also own the McIntosh C2600 preamp paired with the Audio Research Ref 75 power amp and the VAC goes toe to toe with these separates. Driving these with Auralic Vega G2.1 and Lampizator Amber DAC, Kimber cable 12TC speaker cables  and  Nordost Odin Interconnects. Room size is 30' x20'. Speakers are set 12' apart and listening position is 12' from each speaker in an equilateral triangle..