EMM XDS1 upgrade

I own a V2 unit, and I am very happy with it. I believe that there is a V3 upgrade now available, though not inexpensive. I am surprised that several of these are already being offered on the secondhand market. Can anyone comment?
Thanks, but I'm referring to the XDS1 V3. You can read about it on Dagogo, but it was not on the EMM website last I checked.
My dealer said that one cannot order a new XDS1 V3 but one can upgrade an existing V2 to V3.  Curious? Maybe EMM is planning to discontinue the player?

The XDS1 V2 has been discontinued for some time - the remaining Esoteric mechanisms in stock at EMM Labs were used for the limited edition TX2 transport (Esoteric is not even selling its lowest level transport to third parties now so no more transports). The V3 was never available for sale, only an upgrade.
$5K with shipping seems like a large amount for a discontinued product, even a wonderful player like the XDS1 V2. Also must consider that replacement transport mechanism may not be available in the future if needed. Have to think about it.