Enleum AMP23-R buyer beware!

My frustration has finally gotten the best of me.  I ordered (put a deposit down) an Enleum AMP23-R back in March based on the word the dealer got from Enleum that the order would be filled in 2 weeks, or the beginning of April.  It's now June 7th and no word from Enleum about shipping any units.  I know my dealer has been in touch with the company and the company is not responding.  They are also not giving any updates as to when units might be shipping.  

This is a bad look for Enleum and frankly has soured any excitement I had for their product.  I would steer clear of Enleum at this point.  I understand that a few units have been released to certain people for review purposes, but that also leaves a bad impression in my mind.  If you promised to release a certain number of units back in March to people who put money down and you can't fill orders now in June, it tarnishes your reputation as a company doing business in the high end market.  It doesn't matter how many rave reviews your product gets if you give the impression that you don't give a crap about your customers.  

The company says Enleum translates to "Enlightenment" which is just marketing mumbo jumbo.  Let's see if owner Soo In Chae will step up to the plate and treat his customers with respect.


garyalex:  Working on it.

ghasley:  Yes, Soo was working with Bakoon and then went out on his own.

I won't comment on this transaction because it wouldn't be appropriate and I have no knowledge to share anyway. However, Jaguar Audio has been a Bakoon/Enleum dealer since 2014. These products are not made in batches of thousands because that requires millions of dollars of capital to produce those quantities. Bakoon production has always been in high demand early on with products like the 12R, 13R, and HP-21 but with Enleum the product has been received with an incredible response and this time the reviews have really captured the imagination of audiophiles. Demand will probably outpace production for the rest of this year but production quantities will be increasing.


Why anybody would buy the Korean made Bakoons/Enleum rather than the Japanese made Bakoons is beyond me.They look fancier but the Japanese made ones are the genuine article and represent much better value.I am a happy owner of a Japanese made Bakoon Amp 5521 Mk3.The best sounding amp I have used.