Enleum AMP23-R buyer beware!

My frustration has finally gotten the best of me.  I ordered (put a deposit down) an Enleum AMP23-R back in March based on the word the dealer got from Enleum that the order would be filled in 2 weeks, or the beginning of April.  It's now June 7th and no word from Enleum about shipping any units.  I know my dealer has been in touch with the company and the company is not responding.  They are also not giving any updates as to when units might be shipping.  

This is a bad look for Enleum and frankly has soured any excitement I had for their product.  I would steer clear of Enleum at this point.  I understand that a few units have been released to certain people for review purposes, but that also leaves a bad impression in my mind.  If you promised to release a certain number of units back in March to people who put money down and you can't fill orders now in June, it tarnishes your reputation as a company doing business in the high end market.  It doesn't matter how many rave reviews your product gets if you give the impression that you don't give a crap about your customers.  

The company says Enleum translates to "Enlightenment" which is just marketing mumbo jumbo.  Let's see if owner Soo In Chae will step up to the plate and treat his customers with respect.


@keithr, you found the 23R overrated by Srajan but did you use it as a power amp as he did in his review?  I’m using it as power amp with my Van Alstine FET Valve CF vacuum tube preamp and it sounds better than the 3 power amps I tried before it.  I tried a similarly priced McIntosh MC275, a Rogue Stereo 100 with Dark upgrades, and my Van Alstine 600R hybrid power amp with NOS Mullard tubes.  The 23R was significantly more transparent than any amp I tried before while maintaining musicality unmatched by the other 3 amps.  See my basement system in my profile for the components in this system.

keithr, if the Enleum sounded 'somewhat not fully fleshed' my guess is it was not a good electrical match with your speakers.The Bakoon amplifiers behave more like tube amps electrically so they best suit genuine 8 ohm speakers not 4 ohm.

After more jerking around toward the dealer (from Enleum), the order has been cancelled.  

@sense63 You did the right thing by cancelling! Its still unfortunate that Enleum could not assure your dealer when they’d have more stock to go around, especially with all the continued challenges with shipping. I think this was a problem with your dealer not managing customer expectations. :) I dunno…?

As much as I’ve been enjoying my bakoon amp-51r and for what it does and can’t do, I think it does what it does extremely well. I called it a day with my amplification journey. (Until probably Soo In comes out with the replacement flagship)

@jtgofish you are absolutely right, the Japanese ones are better value and are the genuine article, and I’m totally with the era of ‘Made in Japan’ but ugh, amongst other things personal to me, I needed that remote, lol!. I dont doubt the 5521 is an absolute killer amp. I respect the folks who run the Japan Bakoon - we know something most dont! ;) (btw, can really close to obtain a Bakoon with Pat, but obviously, a different opp manifested itself)

Regarding the note on not having a fleshed out sound….? Its been well documented from user experiences that Bakoons pair so well with high efficiency drivers such as horns, ribbons, and ultra wide bandwidth drivers. But that can mainly be irrelevant cause like you mentioned, the synergy in one’s system plays such a big role in it. But to everyone’s fair take, it won’t please the masses.  For me, I’m thoroughly enjoying having SET qualities and not having to deal with tubes!

For what its worth, I have mine paired with Deville SQ.

Low 325,Those Deville speakers look very interesting.I wish more companies would make speakers with benign impedance and high sensitivity like that.

My Bakoon works beautifully with vintage Tannoy Monitor Gold 15s .