Equi=Tech Balanced Power vs. ?

Having finished my equipment purchases (for the time being), I have decided now to explore enhancing the electrical power in my media room.

PS Audio recommends regeneration; Richard Gray Power Company recommends having power in reserve that is added when the draw exceeds available capacity. Equi=Tech has an altogether different approach: balanced power.

I am writing to ask whether anyone has had an experience with Equi=tech/balanced power. I do note that none of their units has appeared for sale on Audiogon in recent weeks, which may be a positive reference of a sort itself. Moreover, has anyone had the opportunity to contrast the alternatives cited above?

Thank you.
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I just purchased the equi-tech 10w wall mount and it is truly amazing. You can certainly get something smaller. This has 10 20amp circuits. It is a dedicated power system to which you run a 220 line. I am wiring all a/v equipment separate from normal house wiring. It provides totally separate clean biamped power. It does add or detract from your system. It simply lets nothing get in the way. This equipment is used by recording studios. Widescreen review used a larger unit in their reference theater. Go to their web site for the review.
In my research I talked to numerous dealers in high gear throughout the country and most were not high on PS Audio as far as putting preamps or amps into their equipment feeling it detracted. Similar opinions were expressed about Richard Gray. Ok for video, not for audio.
George2 is incorrect. The EquiTech DOES have a detachable power cord.

I've owned and used the following, with Synergistic Designer's Reference Squared power cords:

ExactPower 2000
PowerPlant 600
EquiTech 2Q
MIT Z Stabilizer II and Z-Iso Duo.

I've kept the MIT products. All of the others have their pluses and minuses, but the MIT (though not balanced) sounded the best in my system. "Balanced" is not the only silver bullet to providing clean AC.
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I use an after-market 20amp PC on my 2Q. It comes with a good sturdy heavy duty PC, however the after market cords do improve performance even on this product.