Esoteric Support - nonexistent???

I have a DV-50 remote control which has stopped working and I have tried every method listed on the Esoteric/Integra website with no luck.  The phone number just rings and rings... I sent an email literally last December with no reply.  I'm shocked at how poor this companies service has become.

Does anyone know how to get help with an Esoteric product?

I love their equipment, but c'mon guys - at least answer the phone.

End rant.
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I have reached out to Teac USA to see if they can help me.

With all that said, I still would absolutely buy another Esoteric product.  

Yes, the service is not the greatest, but in my experience their products don't require much of it, and the performance is world class to my ears.  

Thanks for all the feedback.
I tried calling but to no avail.  Email works.  And aplogogy from the person there.  Integra USA.
Lucky you.  I still haven't gotten a reply after several emails dating back to Dec 2016  I've given up.