Etheregen - doesn't seem right that it gets so hot, dangerous? Unpredictable?

This network device as glorious as it may be gets extremely hot, almost burning to the touch. Something doesn't seem right about that.

Is there a good alternative to using this thing, it was about $600 which isn't cheap. Optical connectivity which I like seems to be a good thing.

Frankly I'm not sure what the value is it with it vs something else that may be operationally more healthy to use.  So I disconnected it because the heat level seems kind of dangerous.  I have no confidence that it will Control itself and get absolutely and dangerously too hot in the future.


Oh the Muon Filter is Audio Network's (England) new ethernet filter, made to surpass the previous Eno Filter.  If you get their matching ethernet cable, it is the 'Mupn System'

I made a nice improvement in my ethernet, and they are very nice to email with questions about your system.  Not sure if you need it for fibre...

@ozzy watch the video. I think he even addresses using the Muon filter with the Ether Regen but not sure about the optical feature.

I take a $5 heat sink from Mundorf on it whic cools it ,, the heat is from the regulators , the heat sink will add to its longevity you but a tube of artic silver 

paste they use to put on computer processors to fans  for under $20 cheap insurance , I take a zip tie to secure the heat sink , parts connecxion 

look for Mundorf ultra resistors , and then heat sinks buy 2 put paste on surface 

everything sits in the heat sinks 

The Ether Regen is a superb switch with a single, really clean 100mbps ethernet port. It does a fine job. Think of doing nothing as being in neutral for your car’s transmission. The Ether Regen is first gear. Adding a Network Acoustics Eno filter in series with the Ether Regen is second gear. (So I’ve been told, I havent heard the Eno). Hanging the Muon off the Ether Regen is another fullgear to gear and a half better than the Eno in this configuration (I have loaned my Ether Regen to a friend). Now, here’s where it gets interesting.


The Muon, the Muon ethernet cable and the Network Acoustics Rubicon switch being powered by the iFi Elite 12v power supply combine to create as flawless an ethernet stream as might be possible at the consumer level. Its mind blowing. Grannyring shared the info on the combo with me, I trust him and I tried it. It’s next level stuff squared. He’s been pretty quiet and I’m trying very hard not to come off as a fanboy. Heck, Jumia might even ask how hot it gets.


If you have an Ether Regen, enjoy it. If you want to upgrade it, get and Eno or maybe even stretch to the Muon. The Rubicon is stunning…with the Muon streaming system? End game.