Evett Shaw Elan monitor in main system


I just registered to the forum. I have been into domestic audio since I was a teenager, having used mostly British brands in my system. Currently, however, I am investigating the use of some US made speakers called Evett and Shaw Elan in my main (non desktop) system. Although it must have been 15-20 years ago that I heard them, the most striking aspect of these speakers was their amazing ability of creating a very wide soundstage with razorsharp imaging and instrument separation. I was very impressed with them back then, but couldn't afford them at the time. Listening back then was with the Flatte 50 amplifier and a dedicated CD player which I cannot recall. Does anyone of the forum users have any experience with the Elan in their main (non-desktop) system, and should it be wise to buy them even if I'm not going to use them on my desktop, but on some dedicated stands in my main sysem? Thanks in advance for any info provided!


the system consists of Sonneteer amplification and source (Alabaster and Byron cd-player), with DNM Solid Core ls-cable. Interconnects are NVA SoundPipe.
Forgot to mention that current speakers are Rega Ara, Royd Minstrel and Reference 3A La Veritas.
Of your current three, which do you like the most? (I own two of the three on your current list).

Once upon a time, I always used Canadian or U.S. speakers. The past 10 years or so have been pretty much British all the way.

I'm curious what people here will recommend (I haven't been on Audiogon for quite a while).
May I ask which of the three speakers you currently use are your favourites and why? I own two of the three mentioned, so i'm curious.

I used to use nothing but Canadian and U.S speakers, but over the past ten years or so, it's been mostly British.

I'm curious what people will recommend here.