fabulous Technics EPC-100 series re-tip

I'm pretty sure many of you guys own fabulous Technics MM EPC-100 (MM) in your rasenal, especially their top models like (P or C versions) MK3 and MK4.

The question is how to upgrade this cartridges with a new tip, cantilever, suspension:

-How can do the job properly and how much is it, how is the sound after upgrade compared to the original?

-How good is the motor of this cartridge?

-It's worth to invest more in new boron cantilever, new tip etc?

-No one can provide pressure fitted tip to the boron cantilever?

P.S. I know Axel can do the job, not sure if he can change the suspension, Soundsmith will not do that. VdH is not available in my area. Who else can treat that Technics MM right ?

Anyone on here did the same to their Technics EPC-100 mk3 or mk4 ?
I like this one from Andy's (Needle Clinic Website): http://www.phonocartridgeretipping.com/images/needle-big.jpg

everyone must have this machine, haha

It's a microscope that Andy probably is comfortable using and knows exactly how to. A trained eye in a old-fashioned microscope it many times better than a untrained eye in the fanciest new microscope.

Good Listening


Do doubt, Peter
I really like this old school design, never seen anything like that before. I respect the work of retippers, guess we need more documentaries about them and their work.
Think you'll find that is not the microscope he uses - check out the Olympus Trinocular in the other pics. I have visited the old Garrott Bros - you'd be surprised - Brian could drop in a new stylus in the blink of an eye using similar, and I never heard a Garrott retipped cartridge that did not sound better than the original, including dozens of Koetsu's of all types- Black through to Onyx. I wish I had the dexterity and steady eye for it.
Dover, what do you think about new people who run garrott company now and the quality of their work ?