Fair price for used Vandersteen 3a Signatures

Curius if anyone has an opinion on what a pair of excellent condition Vandersteen 3a Signatures should run? The 3a Signatures have had some price hikes over th years while retaining the same branding/labeling.   Different from the model 2's which seem to have a branding update to signify component upgrades and pricing increases.



Thank you Kota1.

I'm trying to decide between a new pair of 2CE Signature III's and a 10-year-old pair of well taken care of 3A signatures.  Looking through the listing it seems the 3a signature sold market ranges from $1800 - $3000 depending on age.

I used to have a pair of 2Ce Signature's so I'm familiar with the sound.

 2Ce sigs are more popular speakers and you can have luck of getting those from the estate sales for around $300...500. Harder to get 3a's, but the link provided by kota1 shows non-sig model and they've been listed for nearly half-year at bellow $1k so offering around $750...850 for'm will probably get you settled and after that you can get Sig mod kit to upgrade x-over. 

I hit estate sales more than once on both of these models, but since I'm not real fan of those Vandys I only purchased those to flip.


Vandersteen started making 3a Sigs 20 years ago.  I have a 19 year old pair that I bought for 1200 used last year.  They are in very good condition and work perfectly.  Even though they look the same as new ones, Vandersteen continues to make improvements so there might be something different between new ones, 10 year olds, and my 19 year old version.  So I would expect to pay more for the one you’re looking to buy — maybe $2.5K to $3K. One thing I’d recommend is that you need at least a medium size room for the 3a Sigs.  They produce a bigger sound with more bass than 2ce, so getting the right speaker for the room is important.   They are excellent speakers. Good luck. 

Looking through the listing it seems the 3a signature sold market ranges from $1800 - $3000 depending on age.

this sounds about right to me

i would say that the 3a sig is a better speaker all around than the 2ce ... especially in a decent sized room, both benefit from a strong good sounding solid state amp

Many moons ago I was a happy Vandersteen owner ( 10 years). I owned the 2CE and the 2CEi. When I upgraded to the larger 3A I found it to be a big mistake and I sold them within a year. Vandersteen placement is very critical and I could never get the 3As to sing! IMO, you should go with the new 2CE signatures!!