Feedback on Monster Alpha 2 Cartridge

For those of you deep into the analog realm, anyone have any experience with Monster Alpha 2 cartridge. Believe it was designed by the current founder/president/chief designer of Zyx cartridges - Hisayoshi Nakatsuka - and it came out in 1988 I believe. Supposedly was a very good cartridge at the time and is quite sought after today. Apparently it's strong suits were speed, articulation and resolution but also set a new standard for sound staging at it's time. That's all I know.

Anyone here owned or heard one? For those who have, I would appreciate any sonic impressions/description of the cart. They normally go for $500-550 in used market nowadays (not bad for a 27 year old design) in good condition. Have the opportunity to get one for $400. Any help would be appreciated.

Just to add to the question, if I don't get this, I will likely just get a Dynavector 20X2 instead, so any comments as to how it would compare to the Dyna cart would also be appreciated.

In case it's helpful, I have the Nagra BPS phonostage. The cartridge will be mounted on a Graham 2.2 tonearm running on a Basis 2001 table. Rest of system is ARC Ref 3/110 (pre/power) amps and Thiel 2.4 speakers.

I don't see the sense in buying a 27 year old cartridge unless it does something unique that you can't get elsewhere. I have the DV20 low output version, and would definitely recommend it. Just make sure your phono pre has enough gain to drive it.
Bpoletti...have you heard the Alpha 2 or is your recommendation for the AT OC9/II simply based on it's own merits and your view that it's the cart to beat in the $400 price range or under? Just trying to understand the context to your response. Thanks.
06-28-15: Bpoletti
An AT OC9/II will smoke it for well-under $400 (on current sale).

Probably referring to this listing.

The "ML" designation means it has a MicroLine stylus, which is known to last about four times as long as other stylus profiles. I can attest that I got 5-1/2 years out of my AT150MLX before replacing the stylus. For an MC cart, that's a lot longer between retips.