Frustrated with Bonamassa Live CDs

Several years ago the wife heard and liked Joe Bonamassa, and then we saw him in concert -- a talented guitar player with a solid band. We are very partial to live recordings and have his (i) Live at the Beacon in NYC and (ii) Live at Royal Albert Hall (the CD not DVD). Both are very good performances, but unfortunately both CDs sound bad in our system. Almost no separation of instruments, overall veiled and muddy, etc. Basically (and disappointingly) they sound like the many crap rock/pop recordings that just do not qualify for high-end listening. To be clear, great quality live CDs (e.g., Allmans, Pink Floyd, various Big Swing Bands) sound awesome in our room. Are these two Bonamassa CDs' just examples of a high-end system highlighting poor recording? Anyone else experience this with these two CDs? Alternatives or recommendations appreciated.
Interesting, so you think the audio of the same performance is different between the CD & DVD? I'm not saying it isn't, I'm just asking. My DVD player is part of my system, I've recorded music from DVD's onto CD via my CDR recorder. I'd do a test if it didn't entail having to get the CD and the DVD versions, maybe I'll check my library to see if they have the DVD. I already know they have a bunch of his CD's!;)
Chazro, all I know with absolute certainity is the audio recordings on Live at the Beacon and the first Live at Royal Albert Hall concert cds that were made into blu-ray concerts are night and day compared to the sound of the cds. I have the blu-rays of the Tour de Force concerts, An Acoustic Evening, Live in Amsterdam with Beth Hart and Black Country Communion as well and they are all to die for audio and video wise. How most of these great artists allow such inferior cd production is beyond me. PS: I'm not saying all blu-rays are great they're not but everyone of Joe's without a doubt are stellar and a feast for the senses.
The point is a good recording is so much better than one that is not. I just listened to vinyl of SRV today and it was just outstanding. Yeah, good music is still good if the recording isn't good. But, if the recording is great also then WOW. We should be demanding both and be willing to pay for it which is the real problem. We screw the artists and ourselves when we want music for free.
Hey Effischer - I am from Syracuse, NY and used to see this '' kid '' at local music outings and bars. I will admit the kid has/ had talent and I have seen him as an adult here in Syracuse as well. I have some of his music but the harder edge he has taken since his early days of - straight up blues has pushed me away. I agree his recordings are not the greatest .....I am just wondering if it is just that his huge ego has gotten in the way of the recording process ! Still enjoy some of his stuff ......
Garebear, I'm not into this type of music generally, but will buy some now as over my long life I have learned that folk from Syracuse generally have exquisite taste !