Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.

I got large speakers shipped recently but I am yet to find a way to safely remove bottom foam base which the speaker seems to firmly sit on. 

The foam holds the speaker base, and the speakers feet are in the foam. Is there no way to safely remove the foam without wrecking it?.

Lifting the speaker is just not possible, nor tilting it, the foam is pretty thick and the speaker cannot be made to slide out of the foam since feet are wedged into holes in the foam base.

I wonder how people deal with large speakers shipped to their homes seems like quite a task unboxing and placing etc.
@rocknss Yes I did upgrade the processor to Wavelet. Aeris comes with Wavelaunch Processor by default which you can upgrade to Wavelet.

The upgrade is strongly recommended when buying a speaker at this price point. I did not have a preamp so I got the upgrade.

The previous advice about using sofa cushions under the speakers as you lie them down on their sides will help and also help in lifting them back up.

Put any spikes on after you find the best listening spot. Install them by tilting the speaker to one side, screw the spikes in, then do the same for the other side. Make sure you have someone help you tilt them to the side.

Congratulations on the AERIS and Wavelet! Let me know if you need any help with setup as I've had AERIS + WAVELET for 2 years (I was the first AERIS owner that moved from Xilica 4080 to Wavelet) and am glad to help.

Unboxing: The best way to get the speakers out of the box is in fact to lay the shipping cartons on their side and slide the speakers out (onto sofa cushions as pointed out on the thread or a thick blanket is an excellent idea).  No other way to do it; trying to lift the speaker
vertically out of the cradle at the bottom will leave you frustrated....It's safe, I've done it several times with Focus HD, Focus SE and AERIS for unboxing/boxing (in reverse of course, slide them in then get the foam cradle situated, then seal the crate and stand it up) and it works like a charm.

And most importantly....ENJOY!!! After 275-350 hours of break in when the bass drivers and large mid limber up and get tight, you will be even more amazed than the day 1 experience you will have very soon!

Thanks everyone I followed the instructions of putting the boxes on and laying the speaker flat and removing the base. Just two of us were able to pull it off without any problem. 

@zephyr24069 Thanks for the offer, I will take it up soon. Still setting up and trying different spots. How far apart are the Aeris when you set it up and how far from each speaker do you sit when listening?.
I've setup AERIS on 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft centers, all with great results. Essential to have the back of the speaker at least 1 foot and preferably 2 feet or more out from back wall so this big drivers and open top end can 'breath'. Toe is pointing the tweeters at a spot directly beyond your head at the listening position.  I found 9-12 ft from speaker to listening position to work well though I've seen these with much greater distances in larger rooms