Furman Upgrade to Niagra

I remember ready an article some time ago by @erik_squires on 110v power and him recommending these as a good place to start, so I bought a couple of: https://furmanpower.com/product/15a-6-outlet-surge-suppressor-strip/

I recall him saying to use one bank for analogue and the other for digital. Well, I have no analogue gear, so I just use all the outlets as needed.

What would an Audioquest Niagra 3000 or even the Niagra 1200 do for my system over and above my simple power strips, would the large monetary investment be a substantial beneficial to my system over my pair of PST-6s? Thanks.


@navyachts, I think your system would definitely benefit from getting an AQ Niagara power conditioner and an equally good AQ power cable to plug into the wall. Everything sounds better when you’ve got the cleanest power possible running through your listening chain. My setup starts with an AQ Thunder power cable and a Niagara 1200 conditioner. I just use headphones on my high end setup, so the 1200/Thunder combination was perfect for me. But if you can swing an AQ 3000 with their Hurricane power cable, then you’d be set pretty good IMHO. 

I like my Furman PST-8D units because they are relatively inexpensive and provide surge protection in addition to filtering.

BTW does anyone know why more expensive line conditioners do not provide surge protection?