Fuzzy playback

I have noticed that my system sounds fuzzy or scratchy.  I am pretty sure the ethernet connections are the fault.

I have used DeOxIt2 for years.  It has been a good fix for this problem.  For some reason, I did not do that when I added filters.  

I have seen some folks are using other contact enhancers. I don't want to spend $500 a bottle.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you.


Hey @daledeee1 

Did you figure out a resolution to your “Fuzzy Playback”?

DeOxit?   Stabilant 22?   LinkUp Cat8 cable?   Something else?

Hoping you figured it out and might be able to help the rest of us!



Hello @rockrider. As usual it was those RCA connections at the crossover. A new crossover is $750. I chose to fix this Rean RCA base, gold plated. $10 for a set of 6. While I have it out I am replacing the volume potentiometers. I wanted stepped attenuator instead of the old one. Would not fit. So I am installing SMPT volume controls, $20 each.  $100 labor. Or I buy a new case, then I might as well buy the new crossover. We will see how this sounds.

Just an update;  I got my crossover back after the jacks, cord and volume controls were replaced.  Really nice results.  More presence, wider sound stage.  I am not sure how this all breaks in but it sounds better than ever right now.

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