Gallo Ref 3.1 vs PSB Synchrony One

I currently own the Synchrony but recently had a very brief listen to the Ref 3.1 at the RMAF. Can't get the sound out of my mind now and have set up an appointment to audition the Gallos next week.

Anybody have the chance to do a head-to-head? Would love to hear your impressions!

Relevant details: Front end is a PS Audio GCC 100 with a Marantz SACD player. Room is medium sized and typical music is Jazz, classic rock, female vocals.


Just because you heard the speakers at RMAF doesn't make them better, it all depends on setup and room acoustics.

Both of these speaekers are excellent, if you want to really know the answer you must consider what kind of gear were they using?

From what I see your equipment selection is good, but could be better. I have heard the Syncroney's sound great on higher end setups.

To me this is a lateral step at best, both of these speakers are good in different ways.
Never heard the Synchrony, but I love the Gallos. I know what you mean about
not being able to get the sound out of your mind, and they only get better the
longer they're broken in. A friend of mind supposedly "traded down" from a
pair of JM Labs Diva Utopias ($12,000 msrp, I think) to Nestorovics to the
Gallos and the Gallos sound MUCH better to him and me. Good luck, Dave
I have the Gallo 3.1's and love them. I have never listened to the PSB's.

Regarding your front end equipment the Gallo's do like power.