Genelex Gold Lion KT-88 reissued tubes

Has anyone purchased these tubes and what are your impressions of the sound?
Neil, I just purchased some Svetlana Winged "C" 6550 tubes. Waiting for their arrival and looking forward to the sound. Yes, best to stay with what the amp was designed to use.
There seems to be some significant price differences for these tubes, going from $220 per quad to almost $340 (delivered). I'll wait until the price stabalizes to try them in my Rogue 120's since I need 8. I guess this is a situation of whatever the market will bear will be paid, thanks for the extra $120 (per quad).
Hello Timsom,
I just read your responce to the Gold Lion KT88 post and was wondering if you ever got around to ordering them? If so what is your opinion ?
I too wish to try them in my M120 magnums.
I had the a bad experience with Yugoslavic Teslas. And although they were trully head and shoulder above anything else I've heard before or since , I hate to take the amps back to Rogue every time a tube went bad and after 3 trips to PA. I trashed the remaining tubes at a hefty lost .
I found the gold lions at for 199.99 a quad and Cryo treated at that but have yet to hear anything about improved or deminished sound quality after treatment.
Your thoughts welcome.
Thanks Roger
I ordered a quad of the Gold Lions today from, which operates an eBay store. The price was $195 for a platinum factory-matched quad. According to New Sensor, "platinum matching process consists of a 24 hour tube burn-in period followed by a bias (plate) current measurement in milliamps." The factory matched tubes then have the measurements on the boxes, etc. I can't say how this matching process compares with the matching done by the reputable tube sellers, but the factory burn-in may be a good quality control check. Anyway, that's how I've chosen to go. C Tech also sells factory matched octets, fwiw. I'll report back. My amp is a Music Reference RM-200.
Have been using Genelex Gold Lion KT-88 reissued tubes for about 6 months and like them, a lot. Have switched to other amplifiers during this period, always nice coming back to them. Did use GE 6550's and tried some Russian tubes before, like these better, but has a lot to do with the type of sound you are after.