God doesn't need to know what time it is.

Value of anything is a most fascinating subject to me.

Eric Clapton hasn't owned this  Rolex Daytona for nearly 20 years. It 's probably been in storage since he dumped it and is expected to fetch north of $1.6M?

For that much I'd want his playing ability AND his stereo system.




@keithsax      Yes Rolexes do seem to keep good time if properly regulated.  When you say 'spot on time' what do you mean?  I have a Submariner that gains about 1.6s a day.  I reckon that's pretty good.


@bdp24    Each to his own, please.  I have about 13 good watches and no guitars.   I suppose you think I'm missing out?

Probably loses about a minute a month if that- can't remember the last time I had to adjust it- always run my watch/ clock 2-3 minutes fast anyway so I'm never late.....

Have about 20 saxes and over 40 pushbikes but one watch

One of the posters made me snort my morning coffee.

When I retired it was about the same time my son left school and was looking for work.

Since I had 3 wristwatches I told him he could have whichever of mine he wanted?

"why wd I need a watch?"

So you cd know the time"

He held up his I phone -I stared at it for maybe 5 minutes before the penny dropped

Wristwatches were made so one would not need to to reach into their pocket for the time. Now it has come full circle where people reach back into their pocket. I’ve been a watchmaker for years, hence my ID "isochronism" (So I have more than a few) I also have a few vintage guitars and amps also. Funny Clapton story: A friend who only gave guitar lessons and was a big 50’s Strat collector, received a call from Eric’s people as he was to appear on Letterman show in a few weeks and was looking for a Tweed Twun to borrow. (my friend told me of this a couple weeks prior to his appearance) My friend said: "you know I don’t have one but even if I did I wouldn’t lend it. I told his people I don’t have one, but Eric can come in for lessons anytime" 😄 True! And my friend was THAT good! Such is life.

I would put watch nerds and vacuum tube nerds in the same category.  Both very detailed and chasing some version of a perfect synergy.  Please take "nerd" as a term of endearment.  

I do appreciate a unique watch but would never spend good $ on one, and I agree that they are not about the current time.  I visualize an independent watchmaker at his/her bench with the same level of skill and enthusiasm for craft as all the images of Nelson Pass at his bench.  Both take science and turn it into art.