going from tube preamp to solid state

just toying around with this and it might not even happen.

have a tube preamp now and while i might sell this later on and get another preamp.......have there been members that have had a tube preamp, sold it and went to a solid state preamp and kept it ?          or did you prefer the tube preamp sound and went back to it ?

maybe got a tube preamp that uses different tubes than the previous one did ?     

the preamp i have now, i like the way it sounds, but just not a fan of the 6sn7 and never really have been.   i prefer the 6922, 12au7 / 12ax7 tubes better.   

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What preamp are you using currently?

BTW..You can post your system under your profile and you can see what others are using under their profile.

I have always listened to tube preamps, so I won’t be of use here but others might have experience with your preamp.

I did recently go through three phono preamps looking for a solid state phono stage that had much of the musicality of a tube preamp and I’m quite happy with where I ended up.  My power amp is solid state.


using aric audio transcend preamp at the moment


what i am looking for is a preamp that can give me a bigger soundstage .  right now , all i have is center imaging and looking for more than that.      the room has been treated, speakers have been moved every which way you can think of.....and nothing really changes.      room is 12 x 11 x 8 .         


I have done it a couple of times over the past 30+ years.  The last time was 11 years ago and I haven’t looked back.  IME, you don’t need tubes to have excellent depth of tone, dimensionality, fullness, and dynamics.  That said, there are also a lot of really nice sounding tube designs.

I have owned both. You will just get used to what ever you use. The key is to give yourself time to adjust to the change.