Grado Statement cartridges - load at 47km or lower

Do the Grado statement series - the 0.5mv output cartridges need to be loaded at 47kohm's or can they be loaded lower like normal MC's?

The Statement has a low inductance not unlike a low output moving coil.

As a result the same rules apply:

If your phono section is unstable you may prefer lower loading settings such as 100 or 500 ohms. But an ideal situation would be 47K; this will allow the stylus to trace the groove with greater ease.

The lower impedance loading is not a requirement of the cartridge; its a requirement of unstable phono sections. The inductance of the cartridge and the capacitance of the phono cable form a resonant circuit which thus injects ultrasonic or RF noise into the preamp. If the preamp is unstable, the noise will cause it to sound wrong (usually bright). The loading resistor detunes the resonant circuit and gets rid of that problem, but forces the cartridge to do a lot more work driving that resistor, which makes the cantilever stiffer.

In addition, if the phono stage is unstable, it will tend to exacerbate ticks and pops, making the LP surfaces generally seem noisier than they really are.
Grado own PH-1 phono preamp is 47k Ohm with low and high gain switch. Made by Grado Labs for all Grado cartridges. 
I am running into the same thing here. I have a grato statement MM cartridge. 0.5mv output. I am planning on changing the MC input loading resistor, 1k, on my Yamaha c-80 to 47k. Does anyone see any issues with this?? I should get the right cartridge loading then and get the extra gain using the MC Head amp. I hope.