Gryphon Diablo 300

On Gryphon's website under the description of the Diablo 300 there is a link to a downloadable operator's manual.  Diablo 300 manual v. 1_Diablo manual.qxd (  Page 13 of the Diablo 300 online operator's manual specifies unbalanced input #3 as being configurable to by-pass all preamplifier stages in the.
QUESTION: Can balanced inputs #1 and/or #2 also be configured to by-pass all preamplifier stages in the Diablo 300? Thank you.
Yeah, me too. So you can use active preamp with the Diablo 300. This could be interesting, including trying some tube preamp. What would you try ? What would match well ?

Have anyone tried to bypass the preamp function in Diablo 300 using a tube preamp? 

Wow, didn't know that it could also be used as a power amp only, wonder if the Diablo 120 can be also.??

yeah it can.  I’ve done it on mine and went through the ‘blessing/reminder’ to set your preamp volume to low or stop any playback if you decide change back…sigh.

In my case, I couldn’t tell a difference between bypassing the preamp over using the XLR in from a Lumin X1.  To my ears the Gyphon volume attenuation is pretty good, compared to preamp/LeedH.  Ended up using XLR for the extra gain.  
When I had my Gryphon Diablo 120, I tried the input which bypassed the preamp in the 120.  I used the volume control on my Rockna Wavedream Signature Balanced.  The sound was significantly better using the Rockna and bypassing the 120 preamp.  Late last year I discovered the AGD Audion monoblocks.  I run them direct from my Rockna which is better than any amp/preamp combination I have had in many decades as an audiophile.