Gryphon Diablo 300 vs Vitus RI-101

   So I've been itching to upgrade my amp. I currently have: PS audio Directstream -> PS BHK preamp -> parasound JC1 -> Focal Sopra 2.
    I narrow down to these 2 candidates. Any one with experience with both int amps can comment on them?Thanks!!!
@dpac996 Great feedback. I would be interested in hearing the AHB2 with darker sounding speakers, such as the Harbeth, Yamaha NS 5000, Vandersteen Treo. I mentioned the AHB2 since the OP wanted to hear something fast and neutral. Not too familiar with the Focal Sopra sound myself.

Thanks for your suggestion. But the AHB2 might be abit thin sounding combine with sopra. From the stereophile review:
" That's where I discovered that my new hero amp wasn't quite perfect. Oh, its power and resolution were still not to be faulted, but through a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers, the sound was somewhat hard and thin. "

For the Kaya 45, we'll see what preamp they use. With a alloy dome tweet, AHB2 might sound too lean. It's an amazing amp for it's price, but monobridged spec at 6ohm 480w, the sopra dip at 3-4ohm at ~100hz. It would not be better than JC1 stable at 2ohm. damping factor also way less than JC1.

I want a neutral grain free amp, but if I have to pick a side to to fall back to, of course it'd be on the warm side of things (thus the Pass labs X.8 series might work). For the upper echelon european brands, beside soulution, the rest are all categorized to be neutral with a hint of warmth.
@btbluesky I made my suggestion without taking into consideration your speakers. I am not too familiar with the Focal Sopra. I just saw "fast and neutral". 

Like you I was thinking that the AHB2 maybe a little lean with Kaya but the preamp would tip the scale I guess.

My next amp will be the Luxman m900u. Which sound gorgeous with multiple speakers I heard them with.
I would pair your Focal Sopra speakers with full warm sounding electronics If I were you.

You may have missed what his sound preference is.
but I want to try the highend ultra fast yet relaxing sound.
To me that says the JC1’s in low bias or high bias for a more relaxed. Or the big Gryphon Antillion

btbluesky I don’t think the two integrateds (Diablo and Vitus) have the same amount balls your used to into the Sopras, they will work fine but I think you’ll miss the bottomless pit of current the JC1’s or Antillion can supply. These are the most noticeable attributes I heard on the Alexia’s with both of them. An ease of dynamics highs mids or lows that were devoid of the speakers, and rolled out at you, little more on the Antillion than the JC1’s

Cheers George

Naim electronics do not sound thin at all. They are actually quite the opposite they sound full body very natural organic sound very smooth refined with grainfree highs and tonally leaning towards on the warm side of neutral with excellent PRAT yet without sounding strain or forced and music has that natural relaxed and effortless quality. 

btbluesky, you mentioned earlier in your post that you're looking for great PRAT (Pace Rtyhm and Timing) & speed yet has relaxed effortless quality to the music. Naim electronics would be perfect for you and they won't sound thin on your Focal Sopra 2. 
And yes, all newer current model Focal speakers (Utopia, Sopra and lower end Focals) are voiced and tuned using Naim electronics since the merger of the two companies. Or I should say since Focal acquired Naim Audio. 

For your records, I do own couple different Naim gears. For my main reference stereo setup/system I do have the Naim Statement NAC S1 linestage analog preamp & Naim Statement NAP S1 monoblock amps driving my Magico M6 speakers. Phenomenal sounding with excellent musicality highly musically engaging and involving and can do subtlety at the same time. Perfect pairing and the best and most musical sounding combinations I've ever heard and owned to date. For digital front end source components I'm using the MSB Select ll DAC with its flagship Femto 33 clock and two separate mono powerbases (two separate power supply units, one feeds power to its digital side of it and the other feeds power to its analog stage).
Fyi, Naim Statement NAC S1 linestage analog preamp is the only Naim linestage preamp that has XLR balanced analog audio inputs as well as Naim's proprietary DIN inputs. The rest of Naim preamps & integrateds only have DIN and RCA single ended analog inputs. That's why I could afford to go with a non Naim digital front end source components. I'm using the MSB Select ll DAC instead and use XLR balanced analog to connect to my Naim Statement NAC S1 linestage analog preamp.

For analog front end source components I have the Clearaudio Statement v2 turntable with a TT Statement tonearm & Statement Goldfinger cartridge, separate linear discrete class A PSU for the turntable & the D'Agostino Momentum phonostage pre, which is connected using another pair of XLR balanced analog interconnects to my Naim Statement NAC S1 linestage analog preamp.

btbluesky, yes, the Naim 500 series separates are really expensive but are still much much cheaper than the Naim Statement gears. But the Naim ND 555 digital streamer/DAC + its matching Naim 500 PS DR external power supply unit (psu), Naim NAC 552 linestage analog preamp + 500 PS DR psu, Naim NAP 500 DR power amp + 500 PS DR psu will run you over $100k before DIN interconnects & power cords. However you will be rewarded with the overall sonic end results and its musicality that these Naim electronics provide. 

The Naim NAP 500 DR stereo power amp is a true dual monoblock design & configurations with separate left & right channels are encased in completely separate chambers and are completely isolated and independent from each other and each channel has its own voltage and power supply regulations. For this NAP 500 DR amp you can use two separate 500 PS DR power supply units, one for each channel but will cost you more money. Each 500 PS DR psu retails for $8k. And the Naim NAP 500 DR power amp alone retails for $26k (without power supply). 

Fyi, all Naim 500 series components do not have onboard power supply and you have to use their matching 500 PS DR psu for each of the 500 series component. 

For my bedroom setup I also have the Naim Uniti Nova driving a pair of PMC standmount speakers. 
Naim Uniti Nova is an all-in-one box or single box integrated solution. It is basically a streamer/DAC/integrated amp in a single chassis. The Uniti Nova retails for $7500 and is highly musical sounding unit. The sound is full warm punchy with excellent PRAT speed and is highly musically engaging and involving. 
Naim has great synergy with PMC speakers. The Naim Uniti Nova would sound really good on your Focal Sopra 2. I've heard the Naim Uniti Nova paired with the Sopra 1 standmount (bookshelf) speakers before and they sounded great together. The Naim helps toning down the Focal's analytical nature or sound profile but without sacrificing PRAT.  

As you can see that I am a big fan of Naim Audio.