Gryphon products in the US

While Gryphon products are technically unavailable and unsupported in the US, many who post on Audiogon and related sites are Gryphon owner/users. For those who just have to have it, what are the best ways to obtain and it and maintain it?

Don't know how to do it, but the Australian $ is only .72c compared to the $1usd. 28% saving

Gryphon Australia: If ordering, the mains primary has to be set from 230v to110v

Cheers George
I can't afford Gryphon at present but I do want to own their amps, including phono stage.
Rarely, but they do come up for sale here. Probably more realistic is to buy in Europe and have Gryphon convert the voltage and ship it over here. Will not be inexpensive.
There are Gryphon users on this side of the ocean, but most of them don't sell those amps, and for a good reason. They are really serious amps.
I saw an Audiogon ad two days ago, someone from the UK was selling Anthilleon for a good price. Next day the ad disappeared.
Gryphon dealers or distributors can not change mains settings. This requires a return to the factory.