H.H. Scott 299-C Faceplate Needed

If anyone has an "extra" 299C faceplate laying around I would be interested in buying it.  I dog eared the one on mine and it's driving me nuts.  I'm looking for one that's in good shape with all the lettering present.  Thanks for reading my post.


You should search the big auction site.  I see a lot of parts, including faceplates, for various well known older (vintage) gear like that.

Agree that the "big auction site" is the place to find one, although a very nice condition faceplate only may be rare. You may need to purchase a non-working unit with a nice faceplate, make a swap, then sell the non-working unit.

I’ve been trolling that site off and on for a while.  With no luck.  Buying a non woeking unit is a good idea too...plus it’s a built in scrap yard for my good unit