Hall of Shame

What is the worst, most overpriced, hyped, bad-sounding audiophile gear out there. Your bets please.
right on natalie...MIT $700 interconnects sounded JUST LIKE MIT $100 interconnects, not to mention $40 Monster Cable ICs.
Tenor Audio (those $22K OTLs) use Pipedreams as their reference systems. Contrary to what others have said on this thread -- the Tenor/Pipedreams room was the best room at the Toronto show -- unbelievable when set up correctly.
The PipeDreams CAN "kick ass" if set up properly ( my opinion only ).

I've heard the same speakers at the same "Chicagoland dealer". I also heard them sound not so good, depending on what they were running them with in terms of front end components. The thing that sounds the worst in that specific place is the manager. I need not mention names....

I can't really comment on something that sounds horrible and is overpriced at the same time. My worst experience was with Analysis Plus Oval 9's, but they are not MEGA expensive compared to a lot of other cables. They were the most offensive components i've ever tried though ( several different systems too ). As to the overpriced part, it would be all those other cables that i just mentioned : )

Really though, how can you pass judgment on something unless you've spent a LOT of time with it and worked to dial it in as best as possible ? By that, i'm talking about combining different equipment, trying different cables, repositioning speakers, etc... Just listening to a demo at a shop or at a show really means nothing. That is, unless the stuff sounded AWESOME. If you could get it to sound good at a show or at a dealer, chances are, you've got something worth checking into. Other than that, some gear just needs a LOT more tweaking than others and / or is more sensitive to what it is mated with. Most audio gear nowadays that we would be looking at is not "bad", it's just "different". Sean
MIT Cables. I myself like the Eidolons, hate our local dealer (gary eats kitty litter).

Also as a general statement, those HUGE gazillion dollar/driver speakers that companies keep putting out as 'reference' models. Take one unused fridge (may substitute old battlestar galactica tv prop), black, silver or yellow(ces) paint, two dozen JBL whupssa COMPETITION car stereo drivers, charge up the screw gun and Presto! A $40,000 Reference speaker !

To my ears smaller two or three driver (oh sh*t I just realized my audio physics have FOUR drivers) designs have a more pure sound and are generally easier to listen to.