Handling Heavy Amps

There are several amps I’m interested in possibly purchasing but I’m dissuaded because of their weight. I’ve had lower back issues so I need to be careful. I live alone. Even if my wife was still alive she would not have been able to help much. Also Children live far. I see that many of you have these 60-100 pound behemoths and I wonder how do you manage. If I buy from my dealer he’ll load it in my SUV. However when I get home it will be difficult to get it out and onto the garage floor where I can place it on my handcart. Then when I get it next to my rack I need to maneuver it out of the box and up onto the rack. I guess I would need to see if my dealer would deliver it and place it on the rack. Probably for a fee. So that may work. But then if I need to paint, move furniture, resell the unit whatever I would need help. I think I can handle up to 40lbs. So how do you handle these amps? Is it a concern for you?  I’m spoiled by my Benchmark 12 lb AHB2. It’s also the reason I’ve been investigating Class D amps. 


I appreciate the interest in this thread.  I have the same concerns with amps as well as speakers, which both seem to increase in weight as they increase in quality.  Regarding amps, I've recently discovered Linear Tube Audio amps, which appear to be high quality and not too heavy.

Several good suggestions, if I live in your area I would definitely help you. I also use sliders on the bottom of the amp legs to slide when on the rack and then remove.

Ran into the same thing with my MAC7200.

It arrived via FedEx, double boxed and strapped to a pallet. The driver took it off the pallet and rolled it into the house on a hand truck.

A couple of local AV installation guys unboxed it and placed it where it now resides.

I'll call them back if I ever want to move it...

During my last move made a mental note of the weight of my amp and decided not to move again.  At 67 it was more than I wanted to handle. I think around 75lbs.  It also had 8 power tubes which put me over the edge - cost to replace and heat!   Ended up with AGD Audion monos paired with a Cary SLP 05.   Could not be happier.  I owned the pre so that decision was easy.  Anyway I share your pain.  By the way the Audions sound great (to me) and weigh 5 lbs a piece. 

My criteria of any component purchase is I have to be able to comfortably carry it alone, unaided. It used to be 100 lbs about 20 years ago. These days it’s 65 lbs.

I won’t consider any heavy gear I am unable to handle alone, even though it may sound a million bucks.