Has anybody tried using single solid core cables?

At a recent hi-fi show an exhibitor auditioning $47K speakers repeatedly asserted the following: "Any solid core wire, even $0.03 a foot is better than any multi-strand available. Experiment for yourselves, you will be amazed."

My question before I ditch my multi-stranded Audioquest Indigo cables in favor of 4 individual single solid core 18 gauge cobber cables from Home Depot for my newly acquired SA Mantra 50s, has anyone tried using single solid core wires?
Hey everyone,

Thought I would chime in since I just did this upgrade. From my experience, I can agree with the blanket statement quoted in the OP's posting. But that's just my experience, so far, FWIW.

My system is rigged with 100% Anti-Cables for Speakers, ICs and Power Cords. Since I have WAF considerations, my speaker cable lengths are absurd: 33ft and 40ft (I know, that's like an audiophile horror movie). With those lengths, I can submit that in my very revealing system, supremely pure solid core copper wires definitely trump stranded cables of similar size and length.

I had been running the original anti-Cable Speaker Cables for many years and they sounded so sweet. But I just installed Paul's Level 3 cables, which are now directional, higher purity and beautifully woven. The difference, ROOTB (right out of the box), is not at all subtle. What the level 3 cables have shown me already, is that especially for long runs, going to 9 gauge of solid core is definitely an upgrade that's easy to justify.

Paul just came out with solid silver phono cables, which I heard at a friend's place... Nice!

Side note: I'm trying to get some forum traction for this acronym ROOTB since I write it often. If you do as well, please pass it on.
On the house wiring, #14 gauge. I'm an electrician and I was surprised to find that Audioquest Type 4 solid core cables are much stiffer and stronger yet not brittle as you would expect. The type 4 has 4 conductors, 2 17 gauge and 2 20 gauge. Whatever Audioquest is doing to the copper seems to work, they are much superior to the stranded copper #12 they replaced in my system.
My entire system is solid core AQ stuff, and it works as advertised. Some things in cable theory make sense, and others not so much (to my addled brain anyway), and spiraled solid core done well does make sense as a noise reduction idea. Anti cables work well for some people, but the fragility of the merely painted bare wire seems dangerous territory so my rig looks like it's being attacked by bungee cords...and that's fine with me.

I like AQ a lot and am thinking of getting another pair for my Thiel 2.7's Which ones are you using? I have had the Rocket 33 and Rocket 88's with DBS. Thinking of getting another pair of 33's.