Has anyone changed the trim on magnepan 3.7

Wondering if anyone has changed trim on magnepan 3.7 speakers
 How difficult was it and how did it come out.
I'd love to change mine and I know people have done the earlier models.

Will watch for info 
Called Magnepan a few months back asking this same question and also about changing the socks myself, Wendel told me that it'd be a chore and recommended they be done at the factory...
He also said that I could do it on the Dwm but the side rails will probably break and need replacement.
The cost on the 3.7s was about five hundred, with about the same for shipping both ways...
On the Planar forum a few guys did it and showed the steps, so if you're handy you probably could do it too...
as for me I'd most surely ruin the speakers...-:)