Has anyone had a laser replaced in a Audio Research CD-3 MKII

Audio Research wants 1806.00 to repair the laser in my CD-3 player.........There's got to be a better way ???   W
The laser assy I purchased from AR seems to be identical to the original in my CD-1, but it is not obvious how to do the remove/replace, as it seems to be attached to a floating assembly.  Don't want to force anything and potentially break parts; does anyone have the instructions on how to do this?

I just contacted AR and for my CD-3 they want 350.00 for the entire assembly. I will probably go for it.



Not a bad price at all. Keep me posted on your repair progress.


Happy Listening!

I’m in the same spot on a CDT-1. Original behavior was skips and errors reading disk. Replaced with eBay laser, player always says “no disk”. Replaced they with official ARC laser, same issue! I feel like there must be some sort of ESD solder blob I’m not seeing? It doesn’t even spin the CD. This is exactly like a Rega unit I repaired, before I realized there was a solder blob that needed to be cleared. Can anyone point me in the right direction?