Has anyone used Echo Busters?

I'm going to treat my room with ASC or Echo Busters, but the ASC is more expensive. And now I am considering the Echo Busters. Is there anyone that has used the Echo Buster. Please give me your opinions.
I put them in a restaurant and they work great. The room had a tile floor and sheet rock ceiling. They took the drop ceiling and carpeting out. All the customers complained about the noise level. Since I put the busters in they haven't gotten one complaint. The room is 14x38.
I have had very little experience with ASC Tube traps, other than listening to some rooms that have been treated. I own the Echo Busters and I have had good luck. Their instruction manual is lacking, but if you have a good dealer you are in luck. The corner buster pieces are self explanatory. The bass busters can be used in the corners with the round section facing the room. Some rooms do better with the round section facing the corner. This is not suggested anywhere in the instructions, and discovered by my dealer by accident. Later he confirmed this use with the manufacturer, but only after he asked. The manufacturer never volunteered any of this information. The echo busters are explained reasonably well. I have no experience with the double busters.

If your room is reflective: tiles, glass, smoth shiny surfaces, I recommend their kit of 4 corner busters, 2 bass busters, and 3 echo busters. This kit might be enough to improve your room. From there some experimentation and your ears will dictate if you need to further treat.