headphones-amp combination

I have been curious and following several headphones and amps on the net just to adquire some knowledge about them.
Now I decided I want to get a portable amp and a paor of headphones that match the same level of musicality of high end separated or tubes.
I am a novice in this field.
Budget 1500.
Thank you to all as no one has yet said:

"you should try head-fi.org; there's a lot of good information over there!"

I am increasingly interested in high end but low fatigue headphones and amplifiers which can be used in an office and/or late night settings. Also for travel. But I want good sonics and gorgeous build quality, please.

Jax2, is there anywhere to buy the Fostex in the US? Any idea how this might compare to the new Fiio E10 which looks like a pretty good deal?

Don't know if anyone has checked our the Sony MDR 5000, but the controversial big box American retailer has them cheap - only about $350 bucks for headphones which some suggest compete with the Sennheiser 800s'.

I have just gotten a pair but would like to use them with a rackmountable DAC and amp solution in the office (Benchmark?) and portable bus powered solution for traveling. (Fostex or Fiio?)

Impedance 70 ohms and full sized jack only. Not broken in yet, but my initial listen suggests very fast, high resolution and neutral, but not necessarily fatiguing because you can listen at low levels. Of course, a matter of taste as many have reminded.

Not quite gorgeous build quality, but very nice, light, with a wide band, and comfortable ear cups - by comparison my AT's feel cheap, heavy and hot.

Thanks for all ideas.

Happy New Year,
My best was Yamamoto HA-02 amp along with Sennheiser HD800. But just got my Stax SRM-007tII and SR-007MK2 setup. Blows the dynamic setup away... The Stax is so musical and delicate. The music sounds "alive" in my head. And it is addictive and I can't stop listening.
I bought the Mapletree Ear+ HD to go with Grado RS1i after reading countless threads about the synergy between a tube amp and lively cans.
Honestly, it's a perfect combination.
The amp lets me dabble in tubes too ... that's another story.