Heads Up: ARC is introducing the new SP-20 in Fall

An excerpt from ARCDB web site:

"Tube stereo preamplifier.

"As a result of the ever-increasing demand for a full-function preamplifier with a level of performance substantially above that of the SP17, we are pleased to introduce the striking new SP20 vacuum-tube preamplifier. Influenced by some of our classic groundbreaking SP preamplifiers but with performance that is only achievable by our best LS- and PH-series designs, the SP20 offers inspirational performance combined with real value. ..."

MSRP is $9000 -- a veritable bargain. ;-(
ARC starts with margin expectations like any company still in business. Sometimes that expectation is too high and the pipeline either doesn't get filled or clogs up. That's the danger with the high end electronic bus. you can only introduce a product once, it's not like the CPG business where you can drop price to move product and still stay credible.
I respectfully disagree. If the unit retails for 13k there cost is 25% of retail. Otherwise there cost is 3250.00.
Al and Taters, of course I have no hard data and you may be 100% correct. Just a knee jerk reaction, your estimates seem kinda low. Perhaps some former industry folks might weigh in. I wouldn't expect folks on the manufacturing side to respond. There are limits to one's curiosity.
Another new ARC product that will be discounted 30% on release and sell for 20% of MSRP within 3 years.
A dinosaur manufacturer that hasn't been relevant for 10 years.