Hegel comparison

I have the opportunity to buy either a Hegel 390 or 590.  Pricing to be negotiated, and there are no dealerships anywhere in my region that would allow me to hear either one before making a decision.

Does anybody have an opinion, based on live auditioning, re: the relative sonic profiles of these two products?

Thanks for any opinions based on first-hand experience.



I really think the question is new or used?  From what I understand the 590 is reduced to around $8K since the release of the 600.  Close to the same as the 390 new.  Used the 390 is in the low $4K range, dipping into high $3K recently, the 590 in the mid-high $5K range.  I have both and bought both used.  Some say night and day, others and I hear subtle differences, leaning to the 590.  I have heard a few who prefer the 390.  Strongly suspect if I plugged the 390 back in I would forget the differences in a few days.

US Audio Mart has a 590 rated excellant for $5500. I would not hesitate to buy a Hegel amp used.  IMHO

The dacs inside the Hegels are a comprised version of their standalone dac. I had multiple top of the line Hegel integrated amps in the past and never used their internal dacs. I actually had Hegel at an audio show compare the difference between the internal dac and their standalone and they were miles apart in sq. But very nice integrated amps.

Without question, go for the the far more powerful, detailed and transparent Hegel H590!!!  I've owned both and now own the H590.  I strongly believe that the H590 is superior to the H390 in every way.  I use an external DAC with my H590 to drive an inefficient pair of Revel Salon 2 speakers, in my smaller room, with incredible results.     

All these comments are very helpful -- thanks!

It seems like the decision is mutating into 590 v. 600.  I've heard nothing better than lukewarm comments about the 590's DAC, so maybe the decision is "590+outboard DAC" or 600...