Help finding rail fuses in an old B&K power amp

Hi :)

I have a B&K ST1400 power amp from the 90’s (?) that is exhibiting signs of it’s age, and it is outputting really low level - no where near where it used to be.

Someone who knows about this stuff a lot better than I do, recommended that I change the rail fuses.

Are these them?

Thanks in advance.

Yes.  However, if you can't easily identify the fuses, you have no business being inside that amplifier.  The power supply caps store a charge for a long, long time and could easily kill you if discharged through you.  Take the amp to a qualified technician.  That said, the rail fuses are most certainly not the problem.

Will discharge the caps before I do anything. Just like I did when I modded my guitar amp!

Thx. :)